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Veriforce Compliance Solutions for Pipeline Operators

In order to assist pipeline operators with their compliance needs as mandated by the Operator Qualifications Rule 49 CFR 192(G) and 49 CFR 195(L), Veriforce utilizes covered task information and correlative data presented by pipeline operator clientele; Veriforce then substantiates each Evaluation/Qualification authorized through their procedures according to the OQ rule.  The pipeline operators subsequently gain access to real time web-based documentation.


ENERGY worldnet, Inc: Advanced Compliance and Training Solutions

In 1994, ENERGY worldnet, Inc. began with one purpose, to provide both Operators and Contractors with the best regulatory compliance and operational & safety training solutions in the industry. This, coupled with an unparalleled customer service philosophy, has positioned ENERGY worldnet, Inc. as a leader in Operator Qualification Compliance.

ENERGY worldnet, Inc. constantly updates and improves its training and testing platforms in response to industry requests for more efficient and cost effective training, testing and record keeping solutions. Through our PRO II system, ENERGY worldnet, Inc. offers the most user friendly, customizable, and secure Operator Qualification Compliance system on the market.

Currently, over 500 Local Distribution Companies, Gas Pipeline Operators, Liquid Pipeline Operators, Master Meter Operators and Contractors depend upon ENERGY worldnet, Inc. for their Operator Qualification Compliance needs. .


Mission statement: To promote safety in the workplace and to provide optimal servicing of our clients' Operator Qualification needs.

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